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Did Someone Say Rihanna Is Sexy? Not So Fast.

While we won’t call her fat, we will say Rihanna’s ‘baseball bat’ fug legs have about the same sex appeal as watching a mule kick dirt.  It ain’t pretty folks.



rihanna ugly outfit

Hey Esquire, Is This What You Mean By Sexiest Woman Alive? [10 RIHANNA PHOTOS]

Is Rihanna really the sexiest woman alive?  That’s according to the latest edition of Esquire magazine.  Either they’re seeing something we’re not, or they got it really, really wrong.  Well, enough of the pleasantries, let’s see what you think.


rihanna ugly outfit


rihanna bad haircut


rihanna is ugly esquire photo


rihanna bad hair colored photo


rihanna bad haircut photo with chris brown


rihanna is not esquire sexy photo


rihanna without makeup photo


rihanna eating in hollywood


rihanna bad outfit music video

rihanna ugly outfit bad photo


Rihanna Fat Photo Gallery: Does She Have Big Legs? [7 PHOTOS]

For as much as Rihanna reportedly spends (hundreds of thousands a year) to get her body in tip top shape, we don’t feel we are getting a fair bargain here.





Celebrities Spending Money To Avoid Getting Fat

Consider for a moment the resources available to celebrities to avoid getting fat.  World-class doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, life coaches, even personal chefs – all within checkbook reach.  Then add the spending ability for home fitness equipment, expensive dietary foods/supplements, or build out private gym facilities (in Mark Wahlberg’s case, add a boxing ring).  Here are a few cases of celebrities spending money to avoid gaining weight or looking fat.


Rihanna reportedly spends $840,000 a year to stay in shape, including $1,500 a day for a personal trainer and $800 a day for a private chef.  She admits, “I need a trainer to motivate me.”






Who Wore It Fatter: Rihanna vs. Paris Hilton?

This match up is between two pop culture icons, singer Rihanna and realty TV star Paris Hilton, each wearing an Alexander Wang Two Tone Pencil Dress.  Instead of asking, “Who wore it better?” we get down to more important matters and ask, “Who is fatter?”  You make the call but the vote at our corporate office is clear.  It’s Rihanna by a mile.  And we’ll go on record and say her physique has been overrated for years.


Celebrity Fat Match Up:  Rihanna vs. Paris Hilton

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